About us

Zhangjiagang Grande Machinery Co.ltd is located in South Jiangsu Province which is close to Shanghai,Wuxi, and Suzhou. Nantong is just across the Yangtz river. Our company doesn't only commit itself to machine manufacturing but also to the customized turnkey project implementation. Our success is based on constant improvement of technology, on persistent pursuit of quality, on caring for our customers in every possible way,on unlimited considerable service. Your satisfaction is our utmost goal.

Our main products:

01.200-1,000 KGS/Hr PP PE Waster Film/Crush Washing line

02.200-1,000 KGS/Hr PP Woven/Jumbo Bag Washing line

03.200-5,000KGS/Hr PET Botle Crusing & Washing line

04.100-1,000 KGS/Hr PP PE Film granulation line

05.100-1,000 KGS/Hr PP Woven/Jumbo Bag & PP Raffia Granulation line

06.100-1,000 KGS/Hr PET Flake granulation line

07.100-1,000KGS/Hr Double stage(Mother & baby screw) granualation line

08. 100-1,000 KGS/Hr Aggromerating Double Stage Waste Plastic Granulation line

09.Municipial garbage sorting and processing system

10.All kinds of auxuliaries, crusher,shredder,aggromerator etc.